About the Staff

About the Staff

Noble and Greenough has a well-developed and strong Model United Nations program. Students in all grades are welcome to join and work to become a stronger leader. Recently, Nobles has been awarded Best Large Delegation at the 2021 Harvard Model United Nations Conference with 12 delegates receiving awards.


Chrissy Cadigan
Secretary General

Chrissy Cadigan is a junior at Nobles and is serving as the Secretary General at NGMUN III this year. She is super excited to be running the conference and create an environment for thoughtful debate. With the challenges that arise from the current pandemic, she is looking forward to finding new ways to bring the virtual opportunity of NGMUN across the world. Her favorite part of Model United Nations is connecting with delegates and resolution writing. Aside from MUN, Chrissy is currently receiving her private pilot’s license and playing soccer.

Julia Maranhao-Wong
Chief of Staff
Niki Apostolicas
Head of Conference Services

Hi everyone! I'm Niki Apostolicas and I am currently a senior. This is my fourth year participating in the Nobles Debate & Model UN club and third year assisting with NGMUN. In addition to MUN, I really enjoy international affairs, journalism, and distance running. I look forward to meeting you virtually at NGMUN III!

Armaan Bhojwani
Chair of Technology

Armaan is a Junior and has been participating in Model UN and parliamentary debate since his Freshman year. He is looking forward to helping with the technical aspect of this conference, especially in these special circumstances. In his free time, Armaan sails competitively and administers Linux systems.

French Revolution

Helen Cui

Helen Cui is a sophomore at Nobles, she will be chairing the historical crisis committee about the French Revolution. She has attended ClarkMUN2019, HMUN2020, HoMMUNC XXXV, and BruinMUN2020, participating in mostly crisis. Personally, her favorite type of committee is historical crisis as it requires delegates to be resourceful, fast acting, and encourages creativity. In her free time she enjoys drawing and writing for various political magazines on the Nobles campus. She looks forward to seeing the delegates on her committee and what plots or schemes they may come up with.

Will Grimes
Minh Mai


Katie Cheung
I am Katie Cheung, a sophomore at the Noble and Greenough School. I was introduced to Model UN as a freshman, and instantly fell in love with the critical thinking and public speaking it requires. I have attended ClarkMUN2019, HMUN2020, HoMMUNC XXXV, and BruinMUN2020, participating in various General Assembly committees. From presenting speeches to fellow delegates during moderated caucuses to negotiating mergers outside the committee room, I have learned to think quickly and formulate pragmatic solutions to real-life problems. I hope to support you in doing the same! I am incredibly excited to Chair a committee for the first time! When I am not at conferences, I play soccer, run track, and play the violin. I am eager to meet you in April 2021!
Chris Tillen

Fall of Rome

Julia Wong
Colin Levine

EU and Brexit

Claire Mao

Claire Mao is a junior at Noble and Greenough School who will be serving as the Chair of the regional committee EU: Brexit. She enjoys working in dual delegations and being a delegate in crisis committees. In addition to Model UN, Claire loves to play flute and piano, run cross country, and bake!

Ryan Sanghavi


Philip Spyrou

Philip Spyrou is a senior and the chair of the UNSC on the Uigher Muslims and China. He has been participating in MUN since the 6th grade and has competed in the Security council 5 times. He is excited to see how the delegates handle this developing situation and come to a resolution. His favorite part of MUN is meeting new people and vetoing directives. Philip is planning on attending Bowdoin college in the coming fall and hopes to study chemistry or physics and engineering.

James Kasparyan


Kayla Henderson

Kayla Henderson is a Senior at Nobles and the chair of SOCHUM in the General Assembly at NGMUN 2021. Kayla enjoys delegating in the General Assembly and particularly likes being in double delegation committees. She is an avid participant in dance and track and field, and she is also the photo and layout editor for the school newspaper. Kayla leads the Debate/Model UN club as the co-president and is excited to be running this committee.

Jacob Casper